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Lichess Bughouse TEAM

This team will hopefully serve as the springboard for the implementation of bughouse on lichess. Perhaps the most popular chess variant, this team game has enthralled generations of chess players. We need to prove that this variant is worth the huge dev work required to implement it!
Location: Insanitistan

Forum (140)

  1. lichess fork TheLAZYmd

    Alright we're gonna be playing a 90 minute bughouse extraveganza on the lichess fork, starting in 4 hours. Join up

  2. How will the pairings be? josea33

    in the games there will have to be two teams of 2 people, but how will the pairings be? and what will happen if a player disconnects, who is playing also loses?

  3. Duo bughouse TheLAZYmd

    House Discord for match/partner requests

  4. Duo bughouse azuaga

    Hello . I am searching a someone for play bughouse in my level is low

  5. Petition to add Bughouse as a lichess variant checkmate3141

    don't mean to be rude, but did it

  6. Petition to add Bughouse as a lichess variant azuaga

    Thibault said two years ago :´´(Please don't ask me for bughouse. Lichess is a game for one board and two players. Now, someone should totally build a new bughouse website/app. It's impossible to inte

  7. Petition to add Bughouse as a lichess variant Kirium


  8. Petition to add Bughouse as a lichess variant GBA87

    Please sign:

  9. What is to be done? V2chess

    I don't like fics either

  10. What is to be done? TheLAZYmd

    Yea but the problem is that all these legendary players can't start their game because the interface doesn't work for them

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