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Lichess Bughouse TEAM

This team will hopefully serve as the springboard for the implementation of bughouse on lichess. Perhaps the most popular chess variant, this team game has enthralled generations of chess players. We need to prove that this variant is worth the huge dev work required to implement it!
Location: Insanitistan

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  1. lovlas's Famous Quote ijh

    Excellent programming advise.

  2. lovlas's Famous Quote FischyVishy

    lovlas "When I talk to programmers they all tell me the same thing. You should start by coding bughouse and then implement it on lichess" Yup, those are every programmer's baby steps.

  3. CrazyMaharajah Do you think this is fake? This site was once referred to as a friendly lichess open source project.

  4. Hi people tramplay

    Someone want to play with me? I am bored

  5. What happened to KyleLegion

    I think they were looking for a new server to host it. People in the house discord ( are in touch with the developer, if you want to join and ask :)

  6. What happened to AtomSchachMeister

    What happened to

  7. subham777

    Lichess created this site. Instead of chess, it is draughts which is close to checkers

  8. CrazyMaharajah

    Is this another branch? Checkers. And probably there can be realized something else - chess-zombies for example or Crazyhouse 960.

  9. subham777

    Who else is playing And if u do, what is ur username? Tell ur friends to join the site.

  10. What is the discord? the-lone-wolf


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