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A team for testing new things on Lichess. Want to see the new stuff before everybody else and help test it? This is the place!


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Mobile App AlphaCloudlessEchoes •

And another comment, it would be nice if your current games could be scrollable left to right instead of having to click "more" to look at them (probably only relevant for correspondence for the most

Mobile App AlphaCloudlessEchoes •

Just a quick comment on the app, why would the average user need the leaderboard section on the bottom? Seems like added bloat.

Mobile App AlphaStef9998 •

When choosing puzzles (for example when only using from a specific opening) It is not possible to set the side they are played from. Android 13

Frequent reconnects, seemingly only on lichessschlawg •

Hey all, you may have noticed your game experience got a bit worse after the recent server update this morning. The testing phase which enabled the links you used before has ended. We have introduced

Mobile App AlphaBaronVonChickenpants •

@BaronVonChickenpants said in #46: > There seems to be an issue with offline puzzles syncing. > > Today I carried out 3 offline puzzles. When I went back online I can see those three puzzles show

Mobile App AlphaImfukhendroonk •

Hi, I use Android 11 RKQ1.201004.002 Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T: There's a few bugs I've came across/discovered. The board sometimes glitches and blinks if you click your pieces and then your oppone

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