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LiChess Tools is a Chromium browser extension that adds a lot of new features to More on that here:

Each individual feature can be turned on/off from the Lichess -> Preferences -> LiChess Tools menu in the web site and explanations on how to use it can be found by clicking the info icon next to each preference. They all lead to the User Manual page:

Join this team to get updates, give feedback and talk to other users of the extension.


Finally here! LLM used for chess.dboing •

So, when is it making its way to LT? :). You might want to use lc0 instead for a real second opinion to complete SF point of view given by lichess.

Finally here! LLM used for chess.dboing •

Not a large language machine. It uses AO NN, and SF as oracle. But it does compete against one that is using language model. That is my understanding, from browsing the deepmind paper. My take home is…

Finally here! LLM used for chess.TotalNoob69 •

Long story short: model is 3000 times smaller than ChatGPT 4, learned from Stockfish games, doesn't search, doesn't play itself. Basically a LiChess Tools user :D . The purpose is not to beat SF, but …

Many fixes and small changes for version 2.3.51TotalNoob69 •

This new version only brings a lot of fixes to previous problems and a few small additions like: - Study topics Flairs button which opens a flairs picker for simpler input of study flairs - Extra open…

Version 2.3.42dboing •

1011010... off topic maybe. i should try the features.....

Version 2.3.42dboing •

reproduced twice. I left click one. new tab created where we want. I right click once to new tab. Now it will be ok too. I right click to new tab again and then it goes somewhere else. (no need to clo…

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