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😎Kool And The Gang 👊 TEAM

A group of cool people😎 and good friends 👊gather every night for fun tournaments and good vibes🎷 , Free entrance and open beer 🍻😹
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Location: 🌨️Fluffy Clouds🌨️

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  1. Classical tournament Quadbest

  2. How about you create another account, @Kaza E101 where can I find their respond ? I want do read it thanks ❤❤

  3. How about you create another account, @Kaza sharkema

    The moderators did respond and advised not to create additional accounts. We are still waiting on a decision.

  4. How about you create another account, @Kaza E101

    Why moderators are very slow in responding? may be because there are lot of cases to solve? But kazamaza is some one important they should respond fast

  5. How about you create another account, @Kaza risky-chess

    That will not lead to anything good.Better to wait for response from moderators.

  6. How about you create another account, @Kaza sprocketAce

    [#NewKazamaza] - Just to tackle this problem, try and create a new kaza (the easy way). We need a kaza: a talking one. If you're still able to accept people into KATG on your account, you could add yo

  7. #FreeKazamaza rookceps

    Yes stop flooding at all, no more forum posts, no more flooding in the chat, it's counterproductive. @risky-chess you have a special role, I trust your ability of judging this situation and how you

  8. #FreeKazamaza risky-chess

    Yes,we can contact moderators.I will send a message to ProgramFOX mod and i told kaza and he agreed to contact FischyVishy.I think we can make kaza chat again. I disagree with flooding forums too m

  9. #FreeKazamaza CM Dumbeldore

    not yet

  10. #FreeKazamaza Christian89

    I didn't receive any email from the mods yet. I think they are not goint to answer. @Dumbeldore did thibault answer you?

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