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King of the Hill Analysis TEAM

Team and forum to discuss and analyze games played in KotH format. King of the Hill. Post your games, analysis, etc. here.
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  1. Opening plans / nuances grouchothecat

    Hello all! First post. I understand that KOTH is similar to regular chess, so openings are both similar and vast. However, I have noticed a few trends, such as the Ruy losing some sting, the max lange

  2. KotH Study natello35

    Hello guys, I've looked through all the topics in the groups's forum but one thing appeared to me : No one has created a study about King of the Hill. The idea would be to regroup all our analyses

  3. KOTH basics MorningCoffee

    Part II: pawn strucutures in KoTH One critical question in KoTH is how to handle the tension in the centre in KoTH and what openings to choose. This might become quite tricky for black since in man

  4. KOTH basics IM MeneerMandje

    Thanks MorningCoffee. I agree that premature king walks usually aren't very good, but of course there are exceptions. Most of the time I tend to wait and wait for my opponent to run, and then mate

  5. KOTH basics azuaga

    good analysis . for other side , what opening you believe that it is better for black

  6. KOTH basics MorningCoffee

    Ok, so there will be at least 2 readers. I think that is enough :) First of all a suggestion of how to read this:open 2 links of lichess ,keep one link in this forum and the use the other for the l

  7. KOTH basics azuaga

    I would be interested in reading too

  8. KOTH basics IM MeneerMandje

    I would be interested in reading it and playing koth against you as well :D

  9. KOTH basics MorningCoffee

    I am thinking of posting some observations I have made during my limited expierience in KOTH, but its gonna be a rather large post and a bit of a work for me so I dont want to do it , if it is going t

  10. D35: Queen's Gambit Declined, Normal Defence TheChessPrince

    One of my best games

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