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Hi guys! We are a great team that has daily PDF Prize tourneys! We also have a points system:

How to get points:
5 for bringing a member
5 for being in a simul from me
10 for winning a tourney
50 points for bringing a titled player PLUS 3 PDF Books
50 for bringing 10 members PLUS 3 PDF Books


50 = 5 PDF Books
100 = 10 PDF Books plus leader of the week
125 = Make a tourney PLUS 10 PDF Books PLUS Leader of the week

For PDF Books contact @JWchess21_2 in a PM

*You dont spend points, say u get 125, you will get every prize, and you keep 125. 1st person to 125 is a leader and gets BONUS 10 PDF Books.

Rules: No cursing, No being mean, No cheating. Bring a member and u get a PDF Book, every leader needs to bring at least 3 members. Be nice and play in every tourny u can.

Also, thanks so much to my titled players FM @shak-tank, CM @kednanie, CM @DKTM4, IM @ucitel, FM @fmshawnrl123, GM @MiroMiljkovic, IM @dangor, and FM @TackoFall.
Location: Anywhere in the world :D


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ok jw make one

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