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Justice for Atrophied TEAM

My name is Marlon, and I set up this team at a time when it appeared that Atrophied had been the undeserving victim of a witch hunt. This turns out not to have been the case, rather sadly. For the avoidance of doubt I do not feel that this invalidates the man's work, which has enriched the game for hundreds of people and hopefully will continue to do so.
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  1. Coda Skeftomilos

    Nicely said @Marlonc. Agreed 100%. Although I don't understand what "Coda" means. :-)

  2. Coda Marlonc

    All, I do not presume to speak for my teammates, but as founder of the team I feel that it behoves me to say the following. I set up this team for those who were rocked back on their heels at a time

  3. Atrophied's New Video Skeftomilos

    @Marlonc I think you are the most suitable member to write the aftermath, since you are the creator of the team. I can help you by copy-pasting the links. :-)

  4. Atrophied's New Video Marlonc

    @Deadban Don't let's rewrite history. There's plenty of statues you can campaign to have pulled down :-) @Skeftomilos I am willing to do so but it may take me a while. Should be ready in about 24 hour

  5. Atrophied's New Video Skeftomilos

    Guys I think that someone of us should write a conclusion/aftermath about this incident, preferably in a new topic, and make it sticky. It is important that nobody who will come in the future to explo

  6. Atrophied's New Video Deadban

    Well now truth came out I'm gonna leave the group. Probably you should even close it.

  7. Atrophied's New Video Marlonc

    @the-lone-wolf good point, well made.

  8. Atrophied's New Video the-lone-wolf

    I just want to underline that this group had not been created to "defend" him, but to ask more clarity on the case to the lichess staff, since all what had happened seemed quite weird

  9. Atrophied's New Video Antic

    throw down your pitchforks boys, justice has been served. a cheater and a liar has been permanently banned from this great site.

  10. Atrophied's New Video Marlonc

    @Unthinkabl3 thanks for the feedback; go ahead and LOL if it makes you feel better about yourself. And perhaps you are right: when has it ever been a good idea to exhibit loyalty, question authority

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