πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€“Jokes and memes and riddles πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€“ #2

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Hello and Welcome. This used to be a very active team but now it is not. For your own good, I prefer not to join this team. Current members can leave if they want to. Many great memories have been shared but now it is our time to go. Thanks for the support through out the years. Team creator- @Sohamroy3rdaccount

Hi! @Sohamroy3rdaccount told me not to delete this, so imma edit this. This team is actually become more active and I hope you join. I want to help @Sohamroy3rdaccount make this team great again like the last team, Jokes and memes and riddles . Sadly, that old team got hacked and it had over 300 members :(
Well, this is a new start though, so let's have fun!


The Cheesy Team Battle3+0 β€’ Blitz β€’ Casual β€’ 2hBattle of 10 teams
Funny Arena3+0 β€’ Blitz β€’ Casual β€’ 45mInner team
CELBRATION Arena5+0 β€’ Blitz β€’ Rated β€’ 2hInner team
3+0 Mega Ultra Blitz Team Battle3+0 β€’ Blitz β€’ Casual β€’ 2hBattle of 15 teams
Mega KOTH Team Battle1+0 β€’ King of the Hill β€’ Rated β€’ 1h 40mBattle of 9 teams