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German11 club TEAM

German11, what a guy, join this club, feel free to join, free for all!
Location: here

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  1. ??? ngfarris

    Um, I want to challenge german11 but the computer always says I can't from Horde to standard. What should I do?

  2. Holiday beyumligtbuitndering

    Happy holidays german11. Take a break and come back 2000.

  3. How many games Julian2708

    Ok, thank you :)

  4. How many games Vycm

    @german11 If you click on his games, then in the filters there should appear 'Games with you' (if you have played games against german11)

  5. How many games Julian2708

    I would also like to know how many games I have played against german 11. Where can I find that? Thanks for your answers.

  6. Games against german11 Bauernweisheit

    Hey guys , how many games have y'all played against good ol german11 ? Personally i played 120 games with a score of 112.5 to 7.5 . Cheers!

  7. German11 club forum rock303

    german the BEAST

  8. German11 club forum chiru35

    yes :)

  9. German11 club forum stephjo

    there's a german11 fanclub? duude, i play him like so often, and love that he still keeps playing. great sportsman. keep it up bro. greetings from germany ^^

  10. German11 club forum dbatista Dear german11, I would be delighted if you would join the Discord, I would love to speak to you. Yours sincerely, dbatista

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