Future GMs Chess Club

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A chess club for chess players around the world who will become GM of future.

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The aim of this club is to explore hidden talents of chess players and improve their skills.

This is just an initiative to unite the chess players of entire world on a single platform of LiChess as a Team.

We are going to organize big tournaments on daily basis and hoping for your great participation.

Only Team Leaders can join the Team to get tournament updates directly. Please message to [pfgmclub]( for your team joining request approval.

To register your team for the mega team battles, please contact [pfgmclub]( directly with the following information:

1. Exact team name or link to the team
2. At what time the team would like to play

Join Whats App for Updates :

Please join us and enjoy the Chess.


124th FGMClub Mega Team Battle3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 20m80 teams battle
125th FGMClub Mini Marathon Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 40m80 teams battle
126th FGMClub Mega Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h79 teams battle
123rd FGMClub Mega Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h78 teams battle
122ND FGMClub Mega Team Battle4+1 • Blitz • Rated • 1h77 teams battle