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NATIONAL PLAYERS PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIME! Tournament is on EDT Eastern Standard Daylight Savings Time

Not sure how to play in this? We have full instructions:

THE 2021 FREE ELECTION SCHOLASTIC online chess tournament will be conducted online on for scholastic players of all levels from all locations. Yes, this is a FREE, no cost tournament!

Format: 90 minutes of fun non-stop action! Not USCF Rated.
5 Age Based Sections: K-1, K-3, K-5, K-8, and K-12. First time players are welcome and encouraged to participate!
Time Limit: G/10 with 5 second increment.
Entry Fee: FREE
Rounds: Games in all sections will be paired ASAP!
Prizes: Customized trophies mailed home to the top 3 players in each section.

Arena Format: Arena Tournaments are fast paced and full of action. Try to earn as many points as you can in a limited amount of time (90 minutes for this event). There are no rounds. Players are paired nonstop after their games end until 90 minutes are up.

Contact: Stacia Pugh,, 216-346-9643 or
Ian Golias,, 440-384-9372.

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Free Election Scholastic K-12 Arena10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 1h 30mInner team
Free Election Scholastic K-8 Arena10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 1h 30mInner team
Free Election Scholastic K-3 Arena10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 1h 30mInner team
Free Election Scholastic K-1 Arena10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 1h 30mInner team
Free Election Scholastic K-5 Arena10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 1h 30mInner team