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flourish fan club TEAM

for fans of the legendary flourish, my best bud and maybe yours too.
Location: in my heart

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  1. flourish is a fan of himself? Flourish

    im one of my top fans . why wouldn't this be allowed?

  2. flourish is a fan of himself? Marlonc

    because after takes takes you can rinse and repeat?

  3. flourish is a fan of himself? Antic

    i'll allow it.

  4. flourish is a fan of himself? isaacly

    is this allowed

  5. this is too sweet Flourish

    thanks bud :-)

  6. When do we attack, chief? Karagialis

    When tho?

  7. ZH960 Marlonc

    Hi gents, I had a stab at crazyhouseninesixty yesterday - anyone fancy comparing notes and/or playing a couple of games?

  8. flourish fan club forum lichess

    Welcome to the flourish fan club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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