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ACWC 2020

Super Cup 2021
There will be an Arena type tournament, at TC 1 + 2, lasting 5 hours.

They will be able to participate in this tournament
1. The winners of all the world cups organized until then.
2. The first 4 ranked at the 2 World Championships version 2 + 5 (ACWC) and version 1 + 2 (Liantichess WC)
3. Winners of the monthly Antichess Titled tournament.
4. Continental Cup winners.
5. 2nd place in the Continental Cups in the first 3 continents in the League of Nations ranking(EE,EW,Asia)

The other regulations regarding the qualification from other leagues or the reward fund lose their validity.

Qualify so far
1.@EUROPROFESIONAL (winner Elite W Cup variant 1 + 3)
2.@Raicosta (Antichess Titled winner on july)
3.@Pinni7 (Antichess Titled winner on august)
4. @Azoha (Antichess Titled winner on September)
5.@MrHaggis(Antichess Titled winner on october)

Who wants to Sponsor the Super Cup contact @Kex09
Sponsors with a minimum of $ 100 will be able to enter the game in the Super Cup


Super Cup 2021 Arena1+2 • Antichess • Rated • 5hInner team
www antichess org¼+10 • Antichess • Rated8 rounds swiss
Celebration number 600 Arena1.5+0 • Antichess • Rated • 55mInner team
Daily antichess swiss1+2 • Antichess • Rated11 rounds swiss
Under 2000 Warm UP OCTOBER Arena1+5 • Antichess • Rated • 2hInner team


AIF affiliated teamsBeethoven2 •

Hi everyone! Antichess Studies is back with its new and improved version AntichesStudies.

AIF affiliated teamsChangeOpening •

@Doeheis yes, all ACM that are on the site have 2000+

AIF affiliated teamsDoeheis •

@ChangeOpening so if I am just ACM I can not appear on the site? I must first reach 2000 rating?

AIF affiliated teamsChangeOpening •

@Doeheis you are ACM made by Antichess Titled to appear on the site you must have 2000 ratings and you will be approved by the IAF

AIF affiliated teamsSarangSule •

I will tell you on your inbox.

AIF affiliated teamsDoeheis •

@SarangSule So can I be in the website?

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