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This is a team for Horde players who want to have fun in tournaments, and not be bothered by cheaters or fake accounts.


Sinamon73 Team Battle3+0 • Horde • Rated • 1h6 teams battle
Stubenfisch Team Battle3+0 • Horde • Rated • 1h6 teams battle


Horde World ChampionshipSinamon73 •

Hi everyone. We're planning on organizing a Horde World Championship sometime in the near future. All updates and registration will be done through this team

Feature request (search your game by opening name)hritic333 •

hello guys , i want this feature for learning, if you also thinks it good feature please write your views , i already create the feature request on general discussion

I have a cheater mark... Tiger-II •

Sorry to hear that you was banned. I watched your games, you played really strong. I think it is mistake to ban strong horde players if they don't cheat. Good luck to you, Bardia.

I have a cheater mark... crazy-horse •

Hello, Fair Horde Players, I want to tell you that my cheater mark is not correct and I have no idea why it was given to me. I did not use engine assistance never in my life. I played horde before, m

Horde chess strategyStubenfisch •

Yeah another thing is that you might want to build a battery against c5 with your knight ending on c5 so it again can be traded for the a pawn. For example with a Pawn on d6 a Bishop on f8 a knight o

Horde chess strategyMunich •

Yeah, I can see now when a5 is a good move. In my games, white has usually his pawn on c5 and then a knight on b6 does not need to be harrassed with a4-a5, but would be simply captured with c5xNb6.

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