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Fair Horde Players TEAM

This is a team for Horde players who want to have fun in tournaments, and not be bothered by cheaters or fake accounts.

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  1. Feature request (search your game by opening name) hritic333

    hello guys , i want this feature for learning, if you also thinks it good feature please write your views , i already create the feature request on general discussion

  2. Horde chess strategy Stubenfisch

    Yeah another thing is that you might want to build a battery against c5 with your knight ending on c5 so it again can be traded for the a pawn. For example with a Pawn on d6 a Bishop on f8 a knight o

  3. Horde chess strategy Munich

    Yeah, I can see now when a5 is a good move. In my games, white has usually his pawn on c5 and then a knight on b6 does not need to be harrassed with a4-a5, but would be simply captured with c5xNb6.

  4. Horde chess strategy Stubenfisch

    Because SF is a master in creating zugzwang :) But for a human player I think it's mostly easier to play a5 and to try to break through. But sure in some positions it is more useful to play a6. You

  5. Horde chess strategy schestov222

    @Stubenfisch I totally got your point about a5 (for black, and for white to prevent it). But why Stockfish almost always recommends a6 for black instead of a5?

  6. Horde chess strategy Stubenfisch

    The thing behind a5/h5 is not to capture whites b4/g4 pawn immediately! The main idea is, to bring one of your knights to either b6 or g6 and only then capture the b4/g4 pawn + sacrificing your knigh

  7. Horde chess strategy Munich

    I wrote in svenos forums entry that I disagree with his strategy. Thinking again about it - I still think I disagree very much with his strategy, but want to point out that there might be more appro

  8. Horde repertoire (for both sides) Munich

    Svenos, good analysis of yours. Having said that, I could not disagree more in many aspects. 2 important things which I believe are absolutely wrong in your assumptions: a) you give ! (exclamatio

  9. playing only with black pieces Stubenfisch

    Yeah RiemannTensor, or something like that, is really ridiculous I stopped playing against him after he abort every game he were white.

  10. playing only with black pieces hritic333

    yes @svenos few player are doing this , i already block them. @TabledottBG u are right these two are the guys may be more also but i do not remember the names... My purpose of this post to make a

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