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This is a club for Essex Juniors, created to allow us to do battle with other counties. It will also allow us to hold competitions on lichess for Essex Junior players.
Location: Essex


6th Inter-County Division 2 Team Battle5+3 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 30m9 teams battle


Next Battle - Monday 3rd Augustrobinslade65 •

Well done Essex Juniors! Great scoring all through the team meant we came 3rd (just!) and won promotion back to Division One. To have 16 players scoring b

Next Battle - Monday 3rd Augustrobinslade65 •

Dear Essex Juniors Here is the link for Monday's 6pm (that is 6pm Fraser) County Blitz Battle. We will be slightly weakened by an individual Essex tourna

International Chess Dayrobinslade65 •

You may be aware that an England Juniors team exists on Lichess: It is open to all ECF members. Events run every Thursday at 6pm. Monday 20th July is Int

Next Battle - Monday 20th Julyrobinslade65 •

The next County Battle Blitz is Monday 20th July at 6pm. Sign up at this link. Please remember to keep any chat polite and to the minimum – the chat box i

Blitz tournaments Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th Julyrobinslade65 •

Saturday 11th July CJCC blitz tournament 10am-11am. Aimed at juniors with limited tournament experience (ECF grade below 60). Log into lichess then enter via the link below in adva

Next Battle - Monday 6th Julyrobinslade65 •

Dear Essex Juniors The next Essex Junior Battle Blitz - and the Essex debut in Division One - is at 6pm on Monday 6th July. Join up via the link below and then you can follow the same link on the d

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