Elite Correspondence Chess Club

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You can ask for membership if you
- are playing correspondence chess seriously
- have correspondence chess ELO > 2100

You are defintively in, when you have played at least 3 correspondence chess games against the same opponent.
Otherwise it must be obviously in your profile, that you play correspondence chess regularily.

- to help you to find serious opponents for correspondence games playing as a match
- to organize an "Elite of correspondence chess" tournament

If you want to join please click, your request will be soon checked! - 1st tournament now in chess results, please check

2nd Tournament running
Location: The Internet


New Tournament wished?mn_nonplaying •

Some invitations to sent. Some are under verification/investigation of the last tournament.

New Tournament wished?Gitanoloco •

I'm interesting too

New Tournament wished?mn_nonplaying •

The plan is same format as T3 (in 2 seasons)

New Tournament wished?Funkstein •

I,m interested

New Tournament wished?weBNimzo •

I am in . . .

New Tournament wished?rschott •

Ready too

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