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47 members

Cyborg TEAM

It is a team for members to play advanced chess. Members called cyborgs are allowed to play casual games among themselves, with any assistance including the use of game databases, opening books, endgame tablebases, chess engines and others. It is open to all variants, normal chess or FIDE chess, atomic, crazyhouse and others.

* To satisfy those players that are more interested on close to perfect play
* To allow players to test their newly created opening ideas at best possible resistance
* To challenge the skill of engine developers
* To challenge the skill of opening book creators
* To generate high quality games that could possibly be used in Lichess opening explorer
* Probably to minimize the cheating practices in rated games by providing a playground suitable for players who are in the first place are probably just interested in playing as a Cyborg
Location: Online

Forum (271)

  1. open for playing and more mroh

    I am a big "centaur" fan and always open to make a game, corres or standard. I also would like to make elo lists, collect games make a web site etc...

  2. Horde, opening theory ic01

    Suggestion ========= 1.d5 e6 -- Horde game with computers, I play black. Casual correspondence (1 day/move). Or maybe study or, who knows, forum game. I just want to check my "opening preparat

  3. Horde, opening theory ic01

    I propose to analyse and play this chess variant (with computers). For fun and for some opening theory, too. I believe that the pawns wins, so I want to play as them. Preferably at correspondence

  4. Seeking a match of 2 games TC 30'+30" duropo

    I am available now, team rated for standard chess, post or PM me if interested.

  5. 1st Cyborg Standard Chess Match duropo

  6. A new standard chess tournament ? duropo

    I am tired. Someone should act as tour director, collecting games etc. I am not sure I could join. I like flexible time because my internet connection is not generally good. When the weather is bad

  7. A new standard chess tournament ? The_Knightmare

    That would be a good idea.

  8. A new standard chess tournament ? DoubleYou

    I propose beginning around Sunday August 7th to to Sunday September 4th. May be someone to arrange the schedule for all games (after each players gave their preferences), to avoid misplayed games a

  9. A new standard chess tournament ? DoubleYou

    Same TC is first 30m+30s I can invite some players from the forum : There are very probably players interested in cyborg system. I'd like to play only 3 to 4 gam

  10. August 2016 Standard Chess Rating List duropo

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