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  1. Tournaments may be organizes in any Lichess-permissible format and time control. Players may suggest the type of events they would like to see included.
  2. Minimum prize funds are the greater of 60% of collected entries or $100. Prize funds may be increased, but never decreased below the minimum.
  3. The minimum individual prize may not be below $10.
  4. Distribution of the prize is made in declared increments, except that any amount short of creating a new top prize may be added to the top 1 to 3 prizes, added as an additional lower prize(s), or offered as a bonus for placing players at the discretion of the organizer. Bonus prizes may not be below $5.
  5. At least three placement prizes are guaranteed. Lower prizes may be placements or category-based, i.e., Top U2100, 10th place, bonus, streamer, etc.
  6. For example, in a $5 designated increment increase, the distribution of the $100 minimum is $30-25-20-15-10 (prizes start at $10 and increase by $5). However, if the prize fund collected is $300 based on the 60% rule, the distribution would be one of the following: $80-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-10; $70-55-40-35-...; $65-55-45-35-...; or bonuses: +30 or +20-10 or +15-10-5, or any other combination up to six +5 bonuses. Bonuses are typically based on accuracy of performance of placing players or rating of performance. Other options would be an additional $30 or $20-10 or $10-10-10 prize(s) for more placements or category awards.
  7. The final amount of the total prize fund is determined and announced as soon as possible following the conclusion of the event.
  8. Registration is required, together with entry fee payment. All registrations remain at all times confidential.
  9. Entry fees are low, between $5 and $10, as a standard. A higher fee may be charged on occasion to provide an event with a higher prize fund, especially if players request the adjustment. However, we intend to keep events as inclusive as possible for as many players as possible, worldwide. (Unfortunately, due to online payment processing charges, entry fees below $5 are not feasible.) Entry fees are NONREFUNDABLE. Unfortunately, with such a low entry fee, the cost of refunds exceeds the price of entry.
  10. For now, all prizes are paid and all fees collected via PayPal, only.
  11. All players, regardless of location, are welcome!
  12. Below Team Rules apply.

The Connecticut State Chess Association is a 501(c)7 nonprofit organization, the official U.S. Chess State Affiliate for the state of Connecticut, and a leader in chess competitions, programs and activities for Connecticut and online chess communities. Visit us on the web at or email us at This team is OPEN to all PLAYERS interested in larger PRIZE tournaments on Lichess. Team Rules are below.


CHEATING & RATING MANIPULATION: Cheating is strictly prohibited. Violators shall be banned and prize ineligible. Players intentionally lowering their rating to enter a tournament with a rating limit will NOT be eligible for prizes. Manipulation includes playing under another player's lower rated account or creating a new account to hide your actual rating strength and rating history.

PRIZES: All players winning event prizes will be contacted via Lichess message for their PayPal information. Players winning in excess of $600 in a calendar year, must submit U.S. IRS form W-9 or international equivalent to the CSCA ahead of receiving payment of event prizes. Prizes are paid AT LEAST seven (7) days after the conclusion of the event (more if needed), to allow Fair Play Review and processing. Any imposed fees or taxes may reduce the final amount of the received prize. Lichess accounts that are not in good standing are prize ineligible. Prizes not claimed within thirty (30) days after the event are deemed abandoned.


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