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Crewe Team TEAM

Crewe Team discussion area for News, upcoming games, strategy etc
Location: Crewe

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  1. Couple of bad games and then couple of good games against NM crptone. rickrenegade 05:22:08

  2. Fixtures rickrenegade

    Played worst game of my life on Thursday - Full Queen loss and then mated myself. :(

  3. Fixtures gingerninja2003

    i think i'm playing tuesday against Alsager.

  4. Fixtures rickrenegade

    I think we are all playing for 1 team or another this week; FunkyFields on his debut - good luck, destroy them. haha Team E. - Monday 19th Away against Meir C Team F. - Tuesday 20th against A

  5. Crewe Team forum lichess

    Welcome to the Crewe Team forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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