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Crazyhouse Tactics Book Project TEAM

Crazyhouse Tactics Book Project. Players of all levels need such a work time to time, a collective project may be the best way to create it. The most basic way to do it is to collect examples from game links, check them with the engine, and put them into studies.

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  1. Yusupov Books okei

    The Build Up Your chess etc series by Yusupov seem like a good model. But a lot of work! I have been reading book 1 lately. Chapter 5 discovered checks is very good for zh also.

  2. ProgramFOX's Site ProgramFOX

    Copying important parts from our discussion on Discord: Yes, themes are a good idea! I estimate that I can start the development work on that in mid-April. The help I'll need from the variant commu

  3. ProgramFOX's Site okei

    @programfox I have started working on this project of collecting instructive positions and recruiting others to join. It didn't occur to me that we could work with ProgramFox and his site! The

  4. ProgramFOX's Site FischyVishy

    Awesome initiative guys! FOX has already begun with this project, though (We should combine our efforts!):

  5. Crazyhouse Tactics Book Project forum okei

    I was planning a similar project not only for tactics but also including positional ideas like not creating holes in your position etc. I have a dozen or so of these already. Perhaps we could have a t

  6. Crazyhouse Tactics Book Project forum lichess

    Welcome to the Crazyhouse Tactics Book Project forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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