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Crazyhouse Summer League (ZHSL) TEAM

Welcome to the official team for the Crazyhouse Summer League (ZHSL)!
Location: Axel Island

Forum (595)

  1. Team Phoenix Wins the Inaugural ZHSL! sexy_and_i_know_it

    Congratulations to the winners! Hopefully ZHSL will become a recurrent event.

  2. Team Phoenix Wins the Inaugural ZHSL! bermudas

    Better late than never. Thanks to @FischyVishy and all participants.

  3. Most Popular Player: helmsknight FischyVishy

    Thanks to her efforts in streaming the ZHSL matches, helmsknight wins the "most popular player" award!

  4. Team Phoenix Wins the Inaugural ZHSL! FischyVishy

    Congrats (site finally updated / frozen!)!

  5. ZHSL final bermudas

    Team Phoenix - HungryHippoBullet 24.5 - 15.5 amaidel - helmsknight 2-8 terra87 - victortorao 10-0 (f.) funny_chess - PawnInTraining 6.5-3.5 MissClick_RUS - the-lone-wolf 6-4 @fischyvishy

  6. ZHSL Streaming bermudas

    Does anyone want to stream the final? @JannLee @FischyVishy @crosky Final lineups:

  7. ZHSL final bermudas

    Team Phoenix - HungryHippoBullet amaidel - helmsknight : Saturday 19.00 GMT terra87 - victortorao : next week funny_chess - PawnInTraining : Saturday 19.00 GMT MissClick_RUS - the-lone-wolf : S

  8. ZHSL round 2 pairings bermudas

    Team Phoenix - Team Husky Man Voice amaidel - eekarf 3-7 terra87 - BarryBoswick funny_chess - mathace 6-4 MissClick_RUS - Oblio19 6-4 We are still waiting for a response from BarryBoswick.

  9. ZHSL round 2 pairings eekarf

    im playing @amaidel sunday 8pm gmt

  10. ZHSL round 2 pairings ltdonutdagger

    i'm playing @andrey2888 today at 17 GMT

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