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Correspondence Chess TEAM

The Correspodence Chess team moves here because the name and all of the tournaments were misspelled there . Join this new team , for the new tournaments . The old one will be inactive .
Location: International

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  1. open tournament #2 bigmoney

    There's another round of tiebreaks between me and Shell since in the last tiebreaks between me and Shell it was 1-1. kostasvl said that if we go 1-1 again, we both quality for the last stage. https

  2. open tournament #2 klopstockus

    Hi - when will the open Correspondence Tournament #2 continue? I believe the Group C tie breaks are over, and we should be ready to start the final stage. @kostasvl, or the tie break participants

  3. Correspondence Chess forum lichess

    Welcome to the Correspondence Chess forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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