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This Team is made for saving all the amazing and good job static_shadow made in the past. We are meant to learn from our mistakes and what is more important… to play CORRESPONDENCE CHESS!
Respect your Team mates and have fun.
Tournaments will be periodically arranged, stay tuned ;-D


BattleBots6 Team Battle3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 1h10 teams battle
Silman Team Battle¼+0 • UltraBullet • Rated • 20m10 teams battle
ultra Team Battle¼+0 • UltraBullet • Rated • 40m4 teams battle


Correspondence LeagueNoahSchade •

SWISS BLITZ TOURNAMENT 3+2 Today, there will be a swiss 3+2 tournament in the Correspondence League team. I will see how it works and how many players participate, if it’s good, there will be tournam

Correspondence LeagueNoahSchade •

As there is no Correspondence tournament on Lichess, I decided to create one: the Correspondence League, a round-robin tournament with different leagues. The first season will start on Monday, 18th Ma

Correspondence TournamentNoahSchade •

Is there any tournament that takes place now or will take place soon? If yes, I would like to participate.

How many games do you play at the same time?pionGris •

I try to keep playing around 20 games simultaneously. And you?

Why correspondence chess has no table in the general ranking page?pionGris •

That's was my question in this forum's tread: But I still didn't got any clear explanation. Does anybody here know the reason?

Feature request: nested chaptersr-giskard-reventlov •

I've been using Lichess to aid my studies and as such I typically enter tactical positions by theme (skewers, deflection, pins etc.) however I have to create a chapter per position. Would it be able t

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