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Correspondence TEAM

This Team is made for saving all the amazing and good job static_shadow made in the past. We are meant to learn from our mistakes and what is more important… to play CORRESPONDENCE CHESS!
Respect your Team mates and have fun.
Tournaments will be periodically arranged, stay tuned ;-D

Forum (1815)

  1. Feature request: nested chapters r-giskard-reventlov

    I've been using Lichess to aid my studies and as such I typically enter tactical positions by theme (skewers, deflection, pins etc.) however I have to create a chapter per position. Would it be able t

  2. Can anyone start a RATED Variant Correspondence Game? znthnk

    I couldn't select "Rated" to start a new Chess960 game. Anyone else have this issue?

  3. Como participar en los torneos? Rabioso

    A mi tambien me gustaria

  4. Como participar en los torneos? Peon_ladino

    Hola a todos, escribo desde Argentina. Estoy interesado en participar en torneos de esta hermosa disciplina. Soy nuevo por aqui. Desde ya gracias

  5. Correspondence Tournament: Elimination Style chess31217

    Update: tournament will start on 11/12/17.

  6. Correspondence Tournament: Elimination Style chess31217

    Tiebreaks: The date for the tiebreaks will go as follows: 1. 2 more Correspondence games, with 1 day per move. 2. If still tied than 2 classical games between the two, with a time control of 15+0.

  7. Correspondence Tournament: Elimination Style chess31217

    If anyone would like to join me in playing a tournament, elimination style, please tell me below and say that you would like to join. The format will be in a bracket , in a style similar to the Chess

  8. 4 player (1200-1850) Double Round robin tournament Grimpeur

    Thanks seanysean and nitsuja for advice and support. It just all seems a bit complicated to get a tournament organised on here. I am going to use another site now for correspondence tournaments and us

  9. 4 player (1200-1850) Double Round robin tournament seanysean

    @Grimpeur Suggestion: reduce rating restriction and perhaps 3 days/move TC? Also, posting it on the lichess community forum probably wouldn't hurt.

  10. 4 player (1200-1850) Double Round robin tournament nitsuja

    I didn't see the message until now, but if it does happen I would still like to participate.

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