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This is a group where we will be hosting correspodence chess tournaments . Everyone is welcome to join the group
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Correspondence LeagueNoahSchade •

As there is no Correspondence tournament on Lichess, I decided to create one: the Correspondence League, a round-robin tournament with different leagues. The first season will start on Monday, 18th Ma

Looking for a Tournament Directorkostasvl •

If anyone is interested please send me a private message.

Looking for a Tournament Directorkostasvl •

Hello. I'd like this group keep growing and make it once again active. So I'm looking for a new Tournament Director to host some correspondence tournaments and preferably do them in the new "Correspo

Correspodence Chess moves in another team kostasvl •

Hello guys . This team will move in a new one , because all of the tournaments and the title of this team were misspelled . So the new team will be Correspondence Chess and all of the tournaments wil

Open 1-day Correspodence Tournament #3kostasvl •

The tournament has started with 3 participants . @Li6 @asterakos and @Treboro . These 3 players will have to play 2 games with each other one with white and one with black . Everybody has to challe

Open 1-day Correspodence Tournament #2kostasvl •

In Group C , 3 players came first and they all had 6 points .These players are @bigmoney @BD-Buccaneer and @Shell_____ll .They also had 1 win and 1 loss again each other so they will have to play aga

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