Club Chess Tutors

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On this platform, we will have the opportunity to have fun competing in a safe environment against other Chess Tutors students, all while employing outstanding sportsmanship.

Founded in 2002, Chess Tutors, a diverse, talented cadre of dedicated tutors have collectively reached an estimated 100,000 elementary school students with the game of life, chess. Many parents, communities, and school districts consider our Company “Chess Tutors” the “Head Start program of chess” because of our success in capturing the imagination, interest, and enthusiasm of previously uninitiated children for this ancient game of Kings. Using cool songs, stories, and motivational material, we have demonstrated our motto of making “serious learning fun” while appealing to a widely varying demographic of children.

Our program became national 3 years ago when the 9 times NBA Champion, assistant Coach Cleamons, drafted us to offer our services to his hometown Columbus Ohio. Now in light of the nearly worldwide pandemic, we are excited to offer our program virtually to everyone.

Let the games begin!


Traditional Chess Arena10+0 • Rapid • Rated • 1hInner team
Traditional Chess Arena6+0 • Blitz • Rated • 30mInner team
Racing Kings Arena3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 20mInner team
King of the Hill Arena5+0 • King of the Hill • Rated • 25mInner team
CrazyHouse Arena5+0 • Crazyhouse • Rated • 25mInner team