Chess960 and Crazyhouse Simuls

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Most of the Simuls are mixture of Chess960 and Crazyhouse.

For Chess960, i also do a special series of simuls with the end goal to play all 960 positions :

But sometimes i also do simuls with other variants such as: Three-Check, Horde, KotH

And finally, i occasionally do creative concept simuls such as Bishops vs Full Army, Knights vs Full Army etc.

There is no fixed time or date, but if you are subscribed to team messages, you will usually notified about the simuls around 15-30 prior to the simul with a link.

Last Tournament Winners:

🥇 @visualdennis
🥈 @DrNeurologist
🥉 @mihai906


FRC High Rating 1900+, 3+2, 6h Team Battle3+2 • Chess960 • Rated • 6hBattle of 181 teams
Fischer Random Chess 4+0, 12h Team Battle4+0 • Chess960 • Rated • 12hBattle of 181 teams
Fischer Random Chess 1+1, 6h Team Battle1+1 • Chess960 • Rated • 6hBattle of 159 teams
960 FISCHER INTERNACIONAL Team Battle4+0 • Chess960 • Rated • 1h 10mBattle of 23 teams
Pawns Advanced Arena1+0 • Bullet • Thematic • Casual • 45mInner team