Chess with Chika

Welcome to the team! I'm National Master Joseph Wan, and I will be running USCF Online Rated tournaments here. When requesting to join the club, please put your name and USCF ID in the text box so I can mark down who you are.

Weekly prize tournaments will be held on WEDNESDAYS at 7:00 pm United States CST (Chicago Time). The entry fee will be $6 to help cover rating costs, and prizes (b/10) will be 1st: $20, 2nd: $10. The goal is to have fun playing chess with one another! Tuesday events will be four rounds, with a time control of g10+5 alternating with g15+2 (rated under the USCF Online Quick category). Occasional tournaments will also be held on certain weekends (TBD) :)

How to join a tournament (IMPORTANT):
• After you have joined the club (putting your name and USCF ID in the textbox), send the entry fee ($6 for the weekly quicks, other events TBA) via PayPal to, with a note specifying who you are entering for.

• I will then send the password to the tournament to your lichess inbox. Please do NOT share the password with others who have not yet registered

• Go to the team page, and under "Tournaments", go to the respective tournament, and click "Join". You will be prompted to enter the password. Enter it, and you will be in!

• Good luck, and have fun!

• The game is to be played between yourself and your opponent. NO OUTSIDE HELP IS ALLOWED! This includes the usage of chess engines, a friend's help, etc. Every game played in the tournament will go through the lichess analysis, and will be checked for fair play.

• Zoom is NOT required, at least not yet.

• If I myself join the tournament, I will NOT count for prizes.

• You may withdraw from the tournament at any time, but please withdraw manually from the tournament by clicking "withdraw", instead of just leaving. This is to avoid players being paired with someone who has already left.

• Byes are not allowed, but a first round half point bye will be given by the server for anyone who shows up one round late.

• Feel free to use the tournament chat to talk about things UNRELATED TO A GAME YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE IS CURRENTLY PLAYING. If the chat bothers you, you can also toggle it off.


2022 CWC May Blitz II3+2 • Blitz • Rated1 rounds swiss
Dreamy Knights IV5+15 • Rapid • Rated3 rounds swiss
2022 CWC May Flowers Blitz3+2 • Blitz • Rated1 rounds swiss
2022 CWC April Blitz II3+2 • Blitz • Rated3 rounds swiss
04-20 Prize Quick4+20 • Rapid • Rated4 rounds swiss