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Chess Learners TEAM

For anyone who wants to improve their game. Any such posts or questions are welcome.

Forum (108)

  1. Benko Gambit or Kings Indian Defense? TitleKiller

    Both are solid choices with their own advantages and disadvantages. KID offers more dynamic play, but also offers both sides lots of chances to make mistakes. A few mistakes from either side, and

  2. Benko Gambit or Kings Indian Defense? ZicZhang

    I am curious to see if the team prefers the Kings Indian Defense of the Benko Gambit. What do you think?

  3. Slower time controls RMario

    Hello! I think for improving your game it is essential to play in slower formats, but unfortunately it seems that this excellent site is serious about bullet/blitz and rapid chess but not for classic

  4. Trending Book Ideas TitleKiller

    Hello everyone here in the Chess Learners Team. I hope you are all doing quite well. I am here to let you know, that I have written 3 different chess books on 3 different topics, and am releasing the

  5. Guide to Become 2000 (Book Advertisement) StoneColdLogic

    This guide I could be interested

  6. Which moves to analyze? HAK_genius

    Humans, I truly appreciate your comment. It is a good feedback. But I find myself absolutely lost when analysing. I don't know exactly what should I look for and when should I start looking for it?

  7. Guide to Become 2000 (Book Advertisement) TitleKiller

    It is widely regarded that becoming 2000 is an incredible feat. The United States Chess Federation even states that one who attains this rating is in the top 5% of all players. This often scares off a

  8. Which moves to analyze? humans

    Usually you should analyze your lost games. Why did it happen and so on. Even if you lose on time, you can look for your timewastes, did you had problems to find a plan in a position. Did you had tech

  9. Which moves to analyze? HAK_genius

    I have recently started to analyze my games as a part of studying chess. In this, I go through my games manually, describing if any position was not best played and finding out the better alternate.

  10. Should You Play e4 or d4? TitleKiller

    I recently read a thread where someone asked the age old question whether to play 1. e4 or 1. d4. Personally, I have wrestled with this question time in and time out because being the ambitious chess

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