Chess Is Really Fun!

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Join this team if you like to play chess. we will play tourneys. There is one rule! :You have to have fun! First titled player to join gets to be leader!!!!:) logo made by @Thenightfury_70585
Guys please message me for tourneys of your choice! We have been inactive for a while but were back! Make sure to share with other friends to join! Just make sure to have fun. If you would like to help get the team active again message me:)
Also on this team there is NO racism, sexism, or hating of any sort. Sorry if I forgot any. If i did please message me!
any questions got strait to me please @snowfluff send me a message:):D
Or send me one just to chat:)
40 points: shoutout to join your team.
Leaderboard! You could be on the leaderboard! play in a tournament then let me know and you will be on it!
@mz5793 31 points!
We won tournaments!


Ultrabulleters2007 Mega Team Battle¼+0 • UltraBullet • Casual • 1h 30m36 teams battle
Mega Three-check marathon 13 Team Battle3+0 • Three-check • Rated • 12h55 teams battle
Mega Three-check marathon 12 Team Battle3+0 • Three-check • Rated • 12h58 teams battle
Blitz Mega Marathon Team Battle5+0 • Blitz • Rated • 12h200 teams battle
6ta Maratón Liga América Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 12h81 teams battle