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Chess Coach Andras Student (and Fan ) Club TEAM

This is a group for all my online students to communicate (potentially play) with one another, discuss potential group sessions, and complain about me being disorganised.:)
Location: Australia

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  1. Discord server Curlaub Just created a discord server for fans of Andras. Come join the community! :)

  2. Upcoming video lessons thelqh

    Another OTB classical game against a 1200+

  3. Upcoming video lessons thelqh

    Playing against a 1600+ OTB at a club.

  4. Upcoming video lessons ORIONfull

    A game against FM

  5. Upcoming video lessons jessehf

    This game was played today at the 45+45 league this time i was playing as white without any pressure of being forced to win.

  6. Upcoming video lessons Biancoazzurro

    Hi, I have 4 games, (2 wins, 2 losses), maybe there is something interesting. Rapid 15 min + 15 sec, I had the white pieces 10 min + 10 sec, I was black http

  7. Upcoming video lessons jessehf

    I played this game at the 45+45 league my team situation was 3-2 losing so i had to win with the black pieces. I just want to hear you say that i play a bunch of lemons lol i really enjoy how you crit

  8. Upcoming video lessons Pushedpawn This is my game against you in the simul. The opening was the King's Indian.

  9. Upcoming video lessons IM IMAndrasToth

    Thanks guys, keep them coming! The more the merrier!

  10. Upcoming video lessons Band_of_brothers

    Here's an intersting game I played over the board some months ago. It was my first classical game ever and I think it's very useful to understand the sicilian defense middlegame. I was black and I man

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