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65 members

Chess Coach Andras Student (and Fan ) Club TEAM

This is a group for all my online students to communicate (potentially play) with one another, discuss potential group sessions, and complain about me being disorganised.:)
Location: Australia

Forum (24)

  1. Sorry sir raksab

    Win not will

  2. Sorry sir raksab

    Sorry sir if you join my club I win Re join your club

  3. Andras is BACK!!! Curlaub

    So this may be old news by about a month or so, but since I havent seen it posted here yet, I wanna let everyone know that Andras is back to streaming on Twitch. He's still doing YouTube videos too!

  4. My new Patreon Site IM IMAndrasToth

    Hi Guys, Due to work ridicolously busy, I have come to the realisation that the group coaching scenario I was so keen on doing will have to wait for a (long) while. In the meantime, to give a chance

  5. What topics do you want in a group lesson? Aeilnrst

    Here is a poll with some topics we could potentially have a group lesson about. If we get at least three people interested in the same topic, let's find a time that works for all of us. http://www.

  6. Group sessions with IM Andras DasGuntLord01

    Any news on this group session idea?

  7. Group sessions with IM Andras DasGuntLord01

    Yeah, I'm gonna change my vote to end-game studies, because this sort of thing keeps happening to me :(

  8. Group sessions with IM Andras Aeilnrst

    I'd join an endgame lesson! Or maybe an opening one if there's an interesting one that a few other people also want to learn.

  9. Group sessions with IM Andras dearprudence

    andras has some ridiculously instructive pawn ending puzzles but i would be happy to split the cost with others on many themes tbh

  10. Group sessions with IM Andras DasGuntLord01

    I could go for that.

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