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This is the group for - London's feminist, diverse drop in chess cafe.

Strictly no harassment thanks, which includes unprovoked 'flirting' or out of the blue 'friendly' chat messages. You can invite other members to play chess, but please let the invited person be the one to initiate any chat during games.

Please do not invite people to events outside of this group, online or real, formal or informal. Ditto, no promotion of events or classes, formal, informal, free or paid.

If you would like to promote an event or your own services, please message me and wait for the response, thank you.

No sexism, racism, homophobia, or other prejudice, even in jest, thanks

Breaches will result in removal from the group, normally without warning.

It is our rules which make this the safe and amazing space that it is. Everywhere else in the chess world is the 'Wild Wild West' with absolute unmonitored 'freedom'. Thank you.


Friday Fun 17th London Arena15+0 • Rapid • Thematic • Casual • 12hInner team
Frrrrriday Yayday 3 Sept Arena15+0 • Rapid • Casual • 12hInner team
Friday Fun Chess n Chat 27th Arena15+0 • Rapid • Casual • 12hInner team
Women Beginners Practice Arena15+0 • Rapid • Casual • 12hInner team
QG Closed Practice Arena10+0 • Rapid • Casual • 12hInner team