British Bangla Chess Association

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This is the Lichess version of Team BBCA.

British Bangla Chess Association are a London based chess club that promotes chess for all. We have teams in London Chess League, Summer Chess League, 5 Counties League and 4NCL. We also organise FIDE rated and English Chess Federation graded tournaments for all abilities. Please provide your real name when applying to join. This will enable us to identify you easily. Alternatively, in your Lichess profile write your full name and your country. We strongly support the Fair Play Policy of FIDE and ECF.

If you want to play in a Team BBCA Tournament, please join the team and the tournament in advance as there may not be time to admit you after the tournament has started. BBCA members would like to have your pleasant, virtual company. Enjoy our chess. Thank you for your kind co-operation.

Club Location: 1, Links Yard, London E1 5LX England, UK


BBCA Blitz Arena3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 1hInner team
BBCA Swiss3+2 • Blitz • Rated7 rounds Swiss
BBCA Sunday Blitz Arena3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 2hInner team
BBCA Sunday Blitz Arena3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 2h 30mInner team
BBCA Sunday Blitz Arena3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 2hInner team