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Berserkers TEAM

Because 30-second chess (or faster) is more fun than 1-minute!

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  1. only in tournaments Alihene

    berserking is avalible only in tourneys

  2. Lichess Gone Berserk Corridor

    How do I apply it to lichess?

  3. Lichess Gone Berserk Toadofsky

    Go berserk whenever possible!

  4. 30 seconds games — mutual berserking! Chesstroll_Ingot

    Hello, people! If you like berserk in tournaments and if you like when you berserk together with your opponent, join this team! It's about 30seconds games, which are even more entertaining than usual

  5. Thirty seconds games! Chesstroll_Ingot

  6. Thirty seconds games! Chesstroll_Ingot

    Hello, people who like thirty seconds games and Berserking! I created a theme about new thirty-seconds bullets on Lichess. It will be very cool, if you support this initiative.) I'll be grateful f

  7. Berserkers forum lichess

    Welcome to the Berserkers forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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