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910 members

Atomic Chess Theoreticians TEAM

A team to discuss Atomic Chess theory.

Forum (2280)

  1. Who just won the Atomic Shield with a brand new account? xXJrHoLLoWeDXx

    @nevergonnaberserk Pinging him so he browses this.

  2. Who just won the Atomic Shield with a brand new account? Redscales

    Ask ngb. He is very good at it.

  3. Who just won the Atomic Shield with a brand new account? letzplaykrazy

    Anyone recognize the play style of this new account? @mroldtimer

  4. Atomic puzzles rabidknight

    Thanks for the feedback! Also, I'll check out that site @ijh . I learn a lot for myself by studying tactical themes, so I'll keep saving interesting atomic positions that I come across, and do some mo

  5. Atomic 960? risky-chess

    @FischyVishy analyzed most of those positions and actually very few were playable.(Advantage for white up to 1).He knows further details about this thing.

  6. Atomic 960? letzplaykrazy

    I know this was a topic a while back... did all the 960 starting positions get analyzed to pick out the most evenly matched ones? If so... how many were playable?

  7. Atomic puzzles ijh

    @rabidknight have you heard about this site that has atomic puzzles? ProgramFOX created it, and it has quite a handful of really nice atomic puzzles. You c

  8. Atomic puzzles AREA11

    Thanks a lot @rabidknight !

  9. Atomic puzzles Jaws144

    Definitely helpful. Thanks!

  10. Atomic puzzles tipau

    Enjoyed the puzzles, the final one was my favourite - thanks @rabidknight !

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