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943 members

Atomic Chess Theoreticians TEAM

A team to discuss Atomic Chess theory.

Forum (2310)

  1. Atomic player ages RoyalManiac

    Want to hear the ages of some random players? As for me (just jumped up to 1700 tonight), I'm 14 years old and playing the variant for about a month now.

  2. Atomic player ages mgk1000

    What is the average age of a 1700-2000 rated atomic player?

  3. Atomic tournaments. LeoPingvin

  4. Study 1. Nf3 f6 2. Nd4 Nh6 3. h3 Iubar

    Hey all, I made a study for a opening I like to play. Its not finished, but maybe some ppl would like to look at it. If there is anything feel free to comment or to write me. Don't know when I will

  5. Atomic puzzles part 2 mgk1000


  6. Atomic puzzles part 2 rabidknight

    Here is a short tutorial for anyone wanting to make puzzles in any variant: 1. Make a new study that you want to be your puzzle study 2. To add a position to the study from an existing game, you

  7. "Atomic Justice" Prize Money Tournament Nov 5 mgk1000

    I wish there were a way that under 2000 rated players could win prizes.....

  8. Atomic puzzles part 2 mgk1000

    Yes, please explain..... I had wondered if it was even possible to do that.....

  9. Atomic puzzles part 2 rabidknight

    I got the positions mostly from my games and games from strong players, and also variations from games. Some of the later ones are things I missed. Or do you mean how do you make puzzles like thes

  10. Atomic puzzles part 2 mgk1000

    Cool, how do you make them?

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