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Atomic Chess TEAM

If you like (Atomic) Chess, please join to this team!
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  1. join my team! vkrish

    I'm not from there.

  2. What openings are good in atomic? nobody22

    I like e3 because the only counters are e6 or f6. If the opponent does f6, you can pin it with your queen, move your bishop to d3, and then go to g6 with your bishop. Also, you can do 1.Nf3 f3 2. N

  3. join my team! SatanRogue99

    let's join my team: Atomic Indonesia!

  4. What openings are good in atomic? ProgramFOX

    Some other common strong openings are 1.Nf3 f6 2.e3, 1.Nf3 f6 2.Nd4 and 1.Nh3. But those are definitely not the only one; you might be interested in this opening book: https://www.unix-ag.uni-kl.d

  5. What openings are good in atomic? Nonpareil

    I currently play 1.Nf3 f3 2.Nc3 and it looks like very strong. Does anyone know others strong openings?

  6. Atomic Chess forum lichess

    Welcome to the Atomic Chess forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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