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Some men cry, others may rejoice. A small flower is wilting in the corner while being stepped upon by a heavy lunged smoker. At long last we depart ...

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  1. Atheiests krasnaya

    Shouldn't you be able to at least spell correctly the people you are trying to insult, hm? Anyways, thank you for showing us how well you have learned to cut and paste. With such an achievement und

  2. Atheiests TKtheGrandMaster

    it is not true it is not true it is not true it is not true it is not true it is not true it is not true at all

  3. Krasnaya sicknsolo

    @ krasnaya Having a conversation with someone like you would go nowhere. Can't engage with someone who is delusioned in denial. research is ez tho. Gotta be willing to spend the time to view

  4. Krasnaya ideaghost

    Why would anyone think you're important enough to prove anything to when you talk with complete ignorance? Spend more time applying some sense rather than attempting to sound intelligent. u sho

  5. Applying "Logic" with "God" krasnaya

    sicknsolo said: >till I experienced things firsthand in person Yes, and i experienced things firsthand which made sure beyond any doubt that there is no god at all. Sorry, but even the structure o

  6. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? aion

    It depends on how you refer to the question, no?! of course they do have belly buttons as far as they are depicted in art. of course they could not have belly buttons as far as they have been

  7. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? TheBigDecline

    A question for the ages.

  8. Applying "Logic" with "God" TheBigDecline

    Of course there is a god. And his name is Zeus.

  9. Applying "Logic" with "God" sicknsolo

    Found this to be very eye opening. I am a firm believer in logic and common sense, as well as adore science. I was once atheist too, till I experience

  10. The future of atheism Vatnos

    The US, UK, and some Latin American countries seem to be secularizing at a rapid pace, and I expect these places will resemble mainland Europe in 30 years. There are some logistical problems facin

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