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This team exists so that we can discuss antichess theory. Recent attempt to solve antichess weakly will also be discussed here.
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Discuss: How to win 1.e3 b5The_Knightmare •

For starters, there are several common black moves after 2. Bxb5. But analysis shows that there are only two moves by black in this position that do not lose immediately. I have been the victim of

Discuss: How to win 1.e3 b5Bulanukh •

1.e3 b5 is a theoretical white win. How can we make it an actual white win, may I ask?

How can we benefit from the existing partial solutions without cheating?Bulanukh •

Let's discuss how to do that..:-)

How close Antichess is to full solution?Bulanukh •

It is true that progress has been made after Kf8, the calculation is not fast enough...while the size of the solution of all other responses to 1.e3 do not exceed 600MB after compression, the currentl

How close Antichess is to full solution?Bulanukh •

Almost solved..but not solved. By solve, I mean weakly solve here. It has been known since Feb 2015 that all responses to 1.e3 other than b6 is a forced white win.

Antichess Theory forumLichess •

Welcome to the Antichess Theory forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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