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Antichess Team TEAM

If you like (Anti)chess join to this team!
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  1. Antichess RollBuckeyes

    Well, I still think my statement is valid. Since many moves are forced, then you end up playing the same lines in repetition throughout many, many games. This makes the potential for one to get bor

  2. Antichess susruthi

    And the losing part. ;)

  3. Antichess susruthi

    Yeah, but you also said that it could become boring. That's where I'm saying I still love it.

  4. Antichess RollBuckeyes

    I didn't say that you couldn't love it. I just said that it had the potential to get repetitive compared to real chess where there's many different lines possible.

  5. Antichess susruthi

    Come on. I lose ALL the time but I still love it.

  6. Antichess RollBuckeyes

    It's fun, but since so many moves are forced, it can become repetitive, boring, and tedious to play--especially if you keep on losing. :)

  7. Antichess susruthi

    I love it the best!

  8. Hello, members! :-D xadrez_pt

    Welcome to the team. :) Talk about anything related to chess in this forum, and please remember to be nice to other players. ;)

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