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Recently, anti-bot was banned. Now bot is back, and therefore I would like to use this place to provide some information about the bot in case it is completely banned and I have no opportunity to say anything again. Of course, here you can ask any questions about the bot or share your opinion about it.


Teichmann Team Battle0+2 • Antichess • Rated • 1h 30m5 teams battle


anti-bot, etc. (2)BOT anti-bot •

It seems anti-bot continues to be a bad creature. It managed to get 13 “possible sandbagging” warnings in one day. How come the bot is not yet banned? Well, the mods who’d like to ban the bot might ha

Watch out for Na3 a6??koth-only •

I found the game! :) I've actually never beaten anyone with a higher rating than 2464!

Watch out for Na3 a6??BOT anti-bot •

Even after 5.Bb2, White should be careful: 5...Rxa3 6.Bxg7! Bxg7 7.Qg4 Rxa2 8.Qxg7 Rxa1 9.Qxf7! Rxe1 10.Qxg8! Rxg8 11.Ne2! Rxg2 12.Rxe1 Rxf2

Draw PetitionBOT anti-bot •

Hah, something has changed: Unfortunately, at the moment I have no time. But in the future I'll try to im

Draw Petitionkoth-only •

(Coming from the first human to join this team @OpenInventory2019) This petition is to allow bots to accept draws if stockfish says the game is from -0.2 advantage to 0.2 advantage, over move 50.

Watch out for Na3 a6??The___Finale •

Title is wrong, should be watch out for Na3 a5??

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