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Trujillo known as the "City of Eternal Spring", land of talented chess players, invites you to the 1st City of Trujillo Chess Tournament to play on Sunday June 7, 2020 at 4:30 pm (Peruvian time) online at Lichess Platform, this event is organized by the Academia Ajedrezlandia and sponsored by the Trujillo Alvarado Family, organizer of events known as the Alvarado Cup.

Suitable national and foreign players. The initial ranking of the participants will be shown in chess results taking their highest Elo FIDE, be it Classic, Fast or Blitz, which will be taken as a reference to obtain their category prizes.

Game Mode:
3 Arena tournaments with berserk will be played at game play rates of 3 min, 2 min and 1 min to finish. The prize winners are those who accumulate the highest score of the 3 tournaments.
Game time:
The tournament will last 120 minutes, with a 5 minute break between tournament and tournament.
1st tournament of 3 min duration 60 min.
2nd tournament of 2 min duration 30 min.
3rd tournament of 1 min duration 30 min.

Registration Fee:
Peruvians: 10 foreign soles: 4 USD
Registration Steps:

  1. Fill out registration form.
  2. Make registration payment.
  3. Send photo or screenshot of the payment receipt only to the Chessland inbox or to +51 945566196 (César Terry).
  4. Join the tournament team.
  5. The organization will provide you with a password and password for tournaments.

1 ° 120 soles, 2 ° 100 soles, 3 ° 80 soles, 4 ° 60 soles, 5 ° 40 soles, 6 ° -10 ° 25 soles
Elo Range:
Best Sub-2200: 30 soles, Best Sub-2000: 30 soles, Best Sub-1800: 30 soles, Best Sub-1600: 30 soles, Best Without ELO: 25 soles
Age range:
Best Senior 60+: 30 soles, Best U-14: 30 soles, Best U-12: 25 soles
Special Awards:
Best Trujillano: 30 soles, Best ProChess: 15 soles
Location: Trujillo - Peru

Location: Trujillo - Perú


Torneo Internacional Team Battle2+5 • Blitz • Rated • 1h10 teams battle
Bullet breakers Team Battle1+0 • Bullet • Rated • 1h10 teams battle
Champions arena Team Battle1+0 • Bullet • Rated • 45m9 teams battle
I Torneo Cerrado Juego Limpio Arena3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 30mInner team
I TOURNAMENT AJEDREZLANDIA Arena3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 30mInner team


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I TOURNAMENT INTERNATIONAL AJEDREZLANDIA PERU Inscripcion: $4 publico en general, 10 soles (peruanos)/$3 FM WFM CM WCM NM WNM/ $2 GM WGM IM WIM . Metodos de pago: Paypal:

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