After Christmas Invitational Tournament

9 members

Hello Troutonians! This is the After Christmas Invitational Chess Tourney Team Page.

By joining this group you are indicating your interest in participating in our 10/0 tourney the week after Christmas, date TBH shortly. You are not obliged to participate when you join this group but will have the option to join if you are accepted as a known streamer or established and well known viewer in the chess community.

By joining the tourney you agree to the following:

  1. You are not to use any outside assistance whatsoever to help you during your games. This includes but is not limited to using computer analysis, computer evaluation bar, getting tips from your stream chat, getting help from others in the room with you, taking performance enhancing substances or by any other means obtaining an unfair or unnatural advantage against your opponent.

  2. You agree to finish your games. If you have to leave simply resign. You can drop out of the arena at any point but abandoning games may result in disqualification from the tourney.

  3. No abusive language, threats, discriminatory or incendiary remarks to your opponents in chat as per the Lichess terms of service.

  4. Anyone found behaving in a way which is against these terms or in any way brings the tourney into disrepute may be disqualified and kicked out at the discretion of the team creator. Appeals may be heard by a small group of peers arranged by the team leader at their discretion.