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2nd lichess bullet championship TEAM

The 2nd lichess bullet cup, current Champion is penguingim1. This is a single elimination KO tournament which could last up to 2 months.

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  1. ROUND OF 32 Pairings NM Mistystar

    @AstanehChess vs @Mistystar 7-2

  2. Me against macrofago LM Lance5500

    Congrats @Vuk00 !

  3. ROUND OF 32 Pairings IM BeepBeepImAJeep

    BeepBeepImAJeep 6.5 - 0.5 JusticeBot

  4. ROUND OF 32 Pairings GM Arka50

    Arka50 7-4 papasi

  5. Me against macrofago IM Vuk00

    It was tie on 1 minute and 45 seconds but I won 3-0 on 30 seconds

  6. ROUND OF 32 Pairings MathBug

    Thank you to FeelGood for a great match!

  7. ROUND OF 32 Pairings GM FeegLood

    Feeglood vs MathBug ended 7-4 to MathBug. Congrats to my opponent.

  8. ROUND OF 32 Pairings GM Arka50

    New Rule: A match can be postponed by either player at the 4-8 Game mark if they are busy.

  9. ROUND OF 32 Pairings GM Arka50 all pairings are here, please write down the results in this forum. Thanks

  10. 2nd lichess bullet championship forum GM Arka50

    Once again, No Deadlines whatsoever, no rush.

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