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246 members

1.e4!! Players TEAM

For those who play 1.e4!! And not 1.d4??

"1.e4- Best by Test" - Bobby Fischer,
Known to be one of the greatest chess players of all time

"1. e4- and white wins!"- Vsevolod Rauzer

That says it all
Location: e4 Square

Forum (11)

  1. yesss Water_Flame

    50 members, aye :)

  2. 1.e4!! Players forum michael_campbell

    I played this It was from a position though but the opening comes about from 1.e4

  3. 1.e4!! Players forum Water_Flame

    @chessguy1010 Smart choice :) 1. e4!! By far the best move @GBA87 lol

  4. 1.e4!! Players forum GBA87

    Did anyone ever notice that @lichess is not a member of any teams, but makes posts anyway?

  5. 1.e4!! Players forum chessguy1010

    I only play e4

  6. 1.e4!! Players forum chessguy1010


  7. 1.e4!! Players forum Water_Flame

    Wow, 1. e4!! is so awesome, especially Kings Gambit, way better than 1. d4??

  8. 1.e4!! Players forum lichess

    Welcome to the 1.e4!! Players forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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