Streaming Fairplay FAQ

When you stream you might want to try different approaches to keep people learning and entertained. It's important to balance educational content creation and fair play though. We will try to cover all of your questions about how you can keep your streams nice and enjoyable, while maintaining a good experience for all users.

Account Sharing

Multiple streamers sharing an account is allowed as long as:

  • You clearly display on your Lichess profile that the account is a shared streamer account
  • You use the account to play games against players who are likely to know that they are playing a shared streamer account, i.e. your viewers. You are not allowed to play rated games from public seeks or in tournaments with unknowing players. Creating rated tournaments and playing in them with your viewers is fine
  • All people sharing the account are of similar playing strength
  • Only one person plays at a given time without receiving any assistance from the others
  • You will not use the account in events with cash prizes whether you are streaming at the time or not. This means no Titled Arenas

Hand and Brain

You can play Hand and Brain but please do so only in casual (non-rated) games and your opponent needs to know you are playing Hand and Brain. The best way to ensure this is to only play people via direct challenges.


Please do not speedrun on Lichess. It is not allowed. The rating system is designed to get high-rated players to their correct rating very quickly. The speedruns you see on other sites would only be possible by manipulating the rating system to gain rating more slowly. You are not allowed to manipulate your rating to have a low rating to speedrun. Currently there is no good way to speedrun on Lichess.