Extend Lichess

Is Lichess lacking a setting you want? Sometimes, it can be offered as an external userstyle or browser extension.

Here's a list of our favourite community Lichess extensions. Please let us know if we missed one!


These are custom styles that you can install with Stylus for Chrome, Firefox or Opera.


  • analysis at Lichess (Chrome)
  • analysis at Lichess (FireFox) Analyze your games on Lichess. Also supports, and
  • Ublock Origin/Privacy Badger Not Lichess related, but they should be on every browser!
  • Accept Random Challenge Adds a button that accepts a random challenge from your list of challenges. Especially useful for streamers that need to pick from the list in an unbiased way. Available for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Lichess Tweaked Challenge Accept Another random challenge app. It supports rating ranges, team-only challenges, and accepting based on the number of previous games played. Available for Chrome.
  • Updated LichessARC OG Yet another random challenge app. It supports choosing challenges by time control. Available for Chrome.

Non-Lichess websites

  • Supports and Lichess, provides a personalized opening explorer for every user
  • Some extra functionality for Lichess studies
  • All those strange variants you want? Find them here
  • Like Lichess, but for draughts (checkers)
  • Like Lichess, but for Shogi
  • BlitzTactics Various fast and slow puzzle variants
  • PlayStrategy Like Lichess, but for two-player strategy games

Background images

If you open the user menu on the top-right of the screen, then click "Background" and then "Picture", then you can enter an image URL to change the Lichess background. Feel free to try out these images: