The Revenge of Polyphonies


I don’t know what this is going,
but I need to revive "the Log".
Uncertainties about the world is growing
but together we can clear the fog.

Are you in a better situation?
Do you still read my random words?
We’ve never met since graduation,
that old group of chess nerds...

I’m now rusty and weak and slow
but chess in general is fun.
Things were OK a while ago,
So let’s go back to Steph One. (bad pun, I know)

You already know I’ll play the Yokke
And yes, it’s atomic again.
I started to play it as a joke
but now it’s by far my main.

The move looks stupid by itself,
but it reduces memorization.
I can’t defend against it myself—
A sad but true realization.

Atomic is probably win for white,
but the creative idea is the key.
Don’t underestimate the power of side knight
You can just wait and see!

Everything is kind of in a mess,
let’s hope the world can find peace.
It’s unnecessary to quit chess,
(Liam quit... :(( )
our friendship will never cease.
(Yes, I know it’s a shaky rhyme, forgive me once)
1... e6

We need no more conflicts,
we need no more drama.
The world has been suffering
since Covid variant gamma.

Let's stabilize everything.
Let's clean up the mess.
Even in these difficult days,
we can still talk about chess.

Math is about finding the origin,
but chess is about planning ahead.
If one plan fails to achieve its goal,
just use another one instead.

Black doesn't need to defend,
it's fine to make a new threat.
Mate is more important than material —
so this threat must be met.

In atomic, unlike standard chess,
Openings are full of tricks and traps.
If all the traps are successfully avoided
then white just wins, perhaps?

That's why I often play the Yokke,
variety and craziness can be seen.
Chess is never about memorization,
Remember Immortal and Evergreen?

I can't promise anything,
but let's just hope for the best.
The difficult period is temporary,
we will be stronger after the test.

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