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Hello to all lichess players,

I have the honor of announcing that a Racing Kings World Cup will take place in December/January. After amazing variants championship such as Crazyhouse, Atomic and Antichess, the time has come for Racing Kings to have the spotlight.

Format and matches:

The format will consist of a double elimination, which means you are not automatically eliminated if you lose a series. Players will have to play 10 games against each other. In case of a tie, two more additional games will be required to settle things up (until one has a better record than his opponent). The winner of the event will get a special crown or a trophy on his profile. When we come down to the last 8 players, in other words The Candidates round, 10 games will also be played. This time, no more additional games, players split the points. Also, games must be played within 5 games. Otherwise, the player who doesn't show up his eliminated by default, or I will pick another player to replace him.

Time control:

This is a crucial part of the tournament, the time control. To start of, any request of 0+1, 0+2 or 1/2+0 will strictly be declined. I want that the winner of this amazing event wins from the understanding of the position, not a fast mouse mover. The time controls available are 2+1, 2+2, 3+0 or 3+2. (VOTE DOWN) I will pick the time control that has been the most voted for.


I will install a new rule that has never been seen. I will pick three players, who will be there to watch the games. An arbitrator must be there to watch the games, otherwise the game will not count. The arbitrator job is to resolve in case of a conflict, explain some of the rules (like taking a break is allowed only after game 5), making sure that the players do not always play the same openings (we want diversity in the game), etc.

To wrap it up, vote in this topic if you are interested in participating in this huge RK event. If participation exceeds 32 players, we will make a tournament to bring the numbers down to 32. Comment "RKCW I am in" to show your interest for the event.

Last thing on the agenda, as you all know, cheating is not allowed in the tournament. That being said, GOOD LUCK!

Also, I want that the players who participated in the tournament have played 100 RK games on their account.

RKCW I am in

Sign up here! ...
Also sign up by saying "Hi, I would like to join in the RKWC tournament"

RKCW I am in

Players in so far:

Grainiac, FalconPower, FM Littleplotkin, Redscales, Kotov_Syndrome and Pablito1970.

@FalconPower FM littleplotkin may quit since he said he was "Officially" retiring on racing kings

RKCW I am in

RKCW I am in

Hi, I would like to join in the RKWC tournament

RKCW I am in and Ill suggest 2+1 tc.

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