Books on London System?

I played a lot of London but seems never study the theory. I'm looking for a nice book start with and then many others for further readings. Would anyone please write down the lists of the books here. You can also write some description about each of them if you don't mind. Thank you.

Play the London system.. by Cyrus lakadawala is a good book....

This 2 books which was mentioned above and the following:
Winning with the Modern London System from Nicola Sedlak
The London System from Marcus Schmuecker

My first book on the London System was "Win with the London System" by Sverre Johnsen and Vlatko Kovacevic from 2005. The book consists of two parts. In the first one typical ideas in are explained in annotated games. The second part is the theory section, which is a little bit outdated, of course. However, the first part is still valuable.

For new theory in the London System I can recommend Demuth's video series on chess24.

Of all the books I think I liked the Kovacevic one the best. The problem though is that none of them mention the trendy aggressive Jobava setup against the King's Indian and Grunfeld. For that you'd have to look at the Chessable course or the video courses by Demuth or Williams.

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