1+0 CWC

Congrats to both and good luck :) Surely many entertaining games are in store.

Congrats to Jann and opper for the amazing result, in what was such a close run (only one point difference out of 210 games!) clearly ahead of the rest of the field (all strong and respected players).
Now bets on the final are open... team Jann or team opper? score predicitons? ;)

Lets just say that I think Paraguay will win this one.

@catask whats that supposed to mean lol
i think it will be close but opper will win it all
(i am going for jann though, cuz we r both aussies (: )

Hope both players put on a good show!
Everyone welcome to watch me attempt to commentate, but the 1+0 action may be too fast and furious for my slow old brain to keep up.