Sub-optimal solution to puzzles

Hey all,

I just realised that the solution to the Chessguessr puzzles is not the best solution, but just the exact moves that were actually played in the games from where each puzzle is taken from.

For example in today's puzzle (#610), the 4th move is Qh4 which completely gives away the queen, why would you not at least capture the black bishop? It's a bit annoying trying to guess what the players did in the original games rather than finding the best move.


Thanks for the feedback. I understand that "guessing" moves rather than finding the best moves can be surprising. This choice is intentional, however – It's supposed to be more like Wordle, where you need to try different pieces and variations, and use the feedback given by the colored tiles to deduce which moves were played in the game.

That being said, the solution is often also the best continuation, but sometimes the colored tiles are needed. Appreciate the feedback!

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